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April 12th, 2005  
silent driller
Originally Posted by Urbanboy
do asmuch as you can 3 times a day, and yes eat alot of proteins

since im studying bio, im gonna tell you what i told everybody else, eat fish, eat seaweed, eat anything from teh sea

they contain iodine which produces thyroxin, and thyroxin helps cells, especially muscle cells, to produce atp, which is energy needed to do those pushups

it also increases ur metabolism

however you gotta do alot more pushups once you reach 50, i find when i reach that i cant go further without doing a heck of alot more to increase my experience, this happens if ur 1.80 meters or higher, since height really effect pushups rate
I'll remember what you said about seafood.

...Peanuts in their various forms get boring and power bars are thoroughly disgusting and vile(exept the Kars bars).