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Woot in your face Iceland...
June 3rd, 2009  
Woot in your face Iceland...
Originally Posted by senojekips
Listen here you smug Kiwi pr*ck.

If you don't start recognising that Oz is more peaceful we're gunna declare war on the Chatham Islands,.... once we find a big sharp stick an some other bad stuff.

Awww that's sweet.

Australia will be as peaceful soon, New Zealand already has a foothold at Bondi.

June 3rd, 2009  
Rob Henderson
Okay, fire at will Aussies. Bahahahaha.
June 3rd, 2009  
I dont know why Namibia is rated at 65. I have travelled throughout Namibia a few times, its one of the safest countries I ever been to, the same for Botswana rated at 34, unless they mean tourists eaten by lions.

As a matter of interest South Africa has the 2nd most violent rate in the world, behind if I remember correctly Columbia
Woot in your face Iceland...

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