Will Korea scrap jet program?

March 23rd, 2009  

Topic: Will Korea scrap jet program?

Will Korea scrap jet program?
Boeing's new "stealthy" F-15 Eager fighter jet may be another reason for the nation to scrap its plans to build high-end fighter jets, critics said yesterday. With defense funds increasingly limited amid an economic crisis, and mounting criticism about the feasibility of the homemade jet program, the Air Force has come under growing pressure to abandon its plans to building advanced, stealth jets as part of its KFX program.
The low and mid-end planes such as the T-50 or the A-50 the Air Force is developing has gained recognition as viable global competitors, but trying to build high-end fighters with specs on par with F-16 jets, as the military announced in 2002, would be infeasible for many reasons.
The biggest is that the planes would be outdated by the projects target date of 2020, by which time fifth-generation jets like Lockheed Martin's F-35 would be ready for warfare.
"Who would buy the jets when they have no cutting edge over other high-profile planes?" one defense industry official said on the condition of anonymity.
Supporters of the homemade jet project believe it would bolster military morale and give the Air Force an added technological-edge.
But for mainly cost-efficiency, calls are mounting for the Air Force to stick to the F-X program -- a three-part campaign for acquiring the latest technology jets -- and put its plans for building high-end jets on the back burner.
Boeing's new F-15 Silent Eagle may further support such calls as the American manufacturer claims it to be a cost-effective, yet competitive multipurpose jet.
The new aircraft is said to possess partial stealth technology and has new features for carrying weapons internally.
The downside is that the plane does not have complete stealth capability and is based on a 30-year-old model.
The F-35, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, compares in that it is a full-stealth aircraft designated as a fifth-generation jet. It is expected to be more expensive, however.
The Air Force has said its aim for the third and final phase of the F-X program would be to obtain such so-called "fifth-generation stealth fighters."
Under the program, the Air Force aims to add 60 more such advanced jets to ultimately procure 120 high-end warplanes by 2020. Boeing has already won the previous two deals with its F-15K fighters.
"Now that a new competitor has arrived on the scene, this could turn out to be favorable for South Korea because it could lead to further price and quality competition between Lockheed and Boeing," said one military source speaking on the condition of anonymity.
By Kim Ji-hyun


March 23rd, 2009  
A Can of Man
Yeah it's not very viable.
Especially with the economy gone sour, I think the domestic fighter program should be scrapped.
March 23rd, 2009  
I don't know enough about it nor how far it's advanced?

I don't know tons about South Korea military needs is the South Korean Air Force and area that's needs improving? It would seem since North Korea's lack up having one, an air force that is, that missile/rocket defense might be more important areas to invest in?

Something to offset all that artillery pointing south might be my focus, I know that's a difficult task.

On the flip side I may be looking at this from the wrong direction maybe North Korea's AF isn't where South Korea is looking at? Maybe a country above North Korea is where South Korea is focus on? In that case F-15SE on paper at least might be able to get closer to a target without being pick up, which is a good thing. South Korea's already an Eagle user so it makes senses for a current user to go with this type because you basically know how to support the aircraft anyway or at least most of it.
March 23rd, 2009  
A Can of Man
South Korea is focusing on all threats. North Korea and beyond.
South Korea with the current crisis is lacking money and the country doesn't have the technology to create a 5th generation fighter. To create a 4th generation fighter at this time is simply pointless.
To combat North Korea, the answer is not fancy equipment or more fighter jets. It's an overhaul of a tradition and culture that is thousands of years old. That is contempt for the fighting man and the idea that the unemployed scholar is the pinnacle of human achievement.
A 4th generation fighter project isn't a realistic option.
March 23rd, 2009  
That is contempt for the fighting man and the idea that the unemployed scholar is the pinnacle of human achievement.
Really?..It would explain why the country have been occupied almost constantly for centuries but Im no expert on the subject I must admit.
March 23rd, 2009  
A Can of Man
Well, we could open a new subject on that as this thread is about South Korea scrapping the jet program.
March 24th, 2009  

Topic: South Korea scrapping the jet program

Hi the_13th_redneck
About South Korea scrapping the jet program is there any public information on how close they were to putting a finished product out? I kind of agree with your thinking on why throw money into a 4th generation fighter when 5th generation are already out. I look at the same way as that light fighter/ trainer India's been making for something like 17 years now. Think about it how could such an old design be useful that many years later, I know some changes were made but the age of the program at some point will show in the design. I'm a firm believer that 3rd+ and 4th generation aircraft won't carry over well against 5th generation and for sure Block-II 5th generation platforms. Spending the money on different projects seem a better choice then throwing money into a 4th generation fighter program. Maybe making a larger F-35 is a joint project that maybe South Korea and the US could carry out that would seem money better spent. South Korea might bypass billions of dollars in R&D money by joining a joint type program. Not really sure if one is offered but it seems like a good idea.
March 24th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Depends on how good or bad the JSF really is.
Anyways, any fighter coming from this program is... I don't think anyone really has a clue as to what it's supposed to even be. The T-50 and A-50 have only recently been completed and the F/A-50 variant hasn't been worked on either. Basically that would fill that gap for countries' needs for a light strike fighter to replace some of their older fighters like the F-5s that so many countries operate so it's got some market promise and it's a viable project that can be completed before we die of old age.
Anything beyond is a waste of time and money at this point.
March 24th, 2009  

Topic: Replacement

I see the T-50 replacing F-5, A-4, Mig-21, Mig-23, Mig-27, Kfir, J-7, Mirage III,V,50, even older Block-15 A/B Vipers.

I can even see a country like South Korea, Greece, others, keeping Vipers grounded to cut operational cost and using A-50/T-50s

I'm a huge fan of smaller size aircraft that can be little fighters-strikers. I think the radar offered the EL-2030 is very important and having a low operating cost are the keys to future sales.

I really hope this project takes off losing the UAE deal wasn't as bad as it looks. UAE and Italy do billions of dollars in trade a year so they had the inside track from day one.

Landing Iraq's future market or under cutting the UK Hawk follow up sales India is where I would focus. Tough market period.

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