Will this Disqualify Me From the Marines?

June 11th, 2005  

Topic: Will this Disqualify Me From the Marines?

I wanna join the Marine Corps when I'm 18. Heres my thing, about a year ago I go an ear infection and my eardrum got a small hole. I got surgery to fix my eardrum so its almost the same as before it had a hole. I can swim fine and everything. But I cant go extremly deep unless I have an ear plug. Can I still join the Marines?
June 12th, 2005  
I wouldn't see why not.

Seems rather irrelivant in most jobs.
June 12th, 2005  
i have some of the worst hearing you can get and i got in, if you can pass a hearing test you should be fine, i think the max you can have on the test is like a 40 or 45 or something like that, i wouldnt worry about it being a DQ from the Marines.