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April 8th, 2014  

Topic: tanks or politics?

Originally Posted by LeMask
Why you fear Chavez and Venezuella so much?

The people in Venezuela want Chavez as its leader... They dont like the US domination of the world.

All of this is cool. Chavez did nationalise the oil compagnies to let the people profit from the wealth of their own soil... The US oil compagnies make less benefits, sure. But hey, they owe us anything...

It's their country, their oil... They do whatever they want with it.

I dont understand how you can hate Chavez...
Just curious what has this to do with battle tanks?
April 8th, 2014  

Topic: Cudos

Originally Posted by m551sheridan
WHAT ARE you guys saying?????? you mean there is something better than this??

who woulda thunkit.
Hum I have seen similar. Not quite state of the art but effective!

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