Why Did You Join - Page 3

May 17th, 2006  
Cpl Veinotte

I joined because I love the military atmosphere. Then later on I learned that I could take all kinds of summer courses, including becoming a pilot.
May 17th, 2006  
I am a 2nd LT in a MCJROTC and I am third platoon commander and second in comand for the drill team.

The reason I joined is because I wanted to do it and because I am joining the Marines when I get out of high school
September 2nd, 2007  
C/PO2 Frank, Supply Officer and Academics Commander

i joined my school's NJROTC unit because not only did it give me a jump start to my future career and a disciplined class, but it gave me a family, a group I was accepted in. and Iím sooooo glad I did join.
September 3rd, 2007  
I was formerly Cadet Lieutenant Tran, and at the end of my career I was the Academic Team Commander, Academic Department Head, an elite member of almost every drill team, a member of the head staff and the Bravo Company Commanding Officer.

I joined the NJROTC program at my high school because I wanted a place to excel and see how far I could progress. I've always been interested in the military and had thought of joining the Navy. I started as a freshman with few responsibilities and little leadership ability and ended up as a senior with many demanding and critical responsibilities, a valued member of the unit, and one of the highest ranking officers on the chain of command.

NJROTC helped me to build my discipline, confidence and leadership ability so I can effectively lead others. It also gave me a tight group of friends and comrades and a place where I'd always be accepted. Now I'm a Midshipman in the real NROTC, studying on a Navy scholarship at the University of Southern California and in training to be commissioned as a real Naval Officer.

JROTC isn't for everyone, but a good unit will help you develop mentally, morally and physically to make you a better person and citizen, so I highly recommend it even if you don't want to have a military career.
September 16th, 2007  
I joined the ISU AROTC because I cant remember a time when i didnt want to be in the military but my parents basically wouldnt let me enlist so I took another route. Can honestly say that I am extremely happy I did it, have a FTX next weekend HOOAH!
April 29th, 2009  
I joined because its more fun than PE, and i can get a bonus when i join the military if i take JROTC all four years of high school.
May 30th, 2009  
I heard it would be good, it sounded fun and now has helped me layout a path for may future goals and helped give me the inspiration of joining Americas finest. (Be that any branch though i'm going army )
June 11th, 2009  
C/MSG Paradela
Name: Paradela
Rank/Position: C/MSG Assistant S-4 (Logistics and Supply)
Reason to join: Military family, scholarships, community service, liked the idea of wearing a uniform, liked the idea of spinning a rifle (I don't even do that...) and I was pretty shy so I thought that JROTC would change me for the better.
July 29th, 2009  
C/Ens Benas, and joined my schools NJROTC because of the kickass uniform and getting to throw rifles around... what else could I of asked for?
August 22nd, 2009  
C/TSgt Decker - Moto Flight Sgt, CG NCOIC
Stratford Eagles
Civil Air Patrol

I joined CAP because i love the Military and i wanted to start my Military career as fast as possible, i want to be a USMC Scout Sniper and go to the USNA after high school