Why did you join / enlist?

View Poll Results :Why did you join / enlist?
Serve my country 7 25.93%
To be part of something bigger than myself 5 18.52%
Get job experience / training / education 1 3.70%
Good job, good pay and good benefits 2 7.41%
Lack of other employment opportunities 0 0%
Love the uniform 0 0%
Family history, heritage or tradition 1 3.70%
Wanted to freak out my liberal pacifist parents 0 0%
Condition of parole or probation 0 0%
Drafted 2 7.41%
Dare or bet 0 0%
Cool toys 0 0%
I have no idea! 2 7.41%
Other 6 22.22%
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March 26th, 2005  

Topic: Why did you join / enlist?

Did a search, haven't seen this one. Tell me if it's already here.

For those of you who joined your nations armed services...

What was the primary reason you did it?

If your reason is not listed below, let me know and I'll add it.

In my case, originally it was to be a part of something bigger. I stayed in to serve.
March 26th, 2005  
A Can of Man
Good question.
Though Korea does have the draft, I didn't choose "Drafted" because I did volunteer and would have anyways even if it wasn't required.
I put other.
Really didn't have any other plans and too many reasons for going in to just tick one option.
March 26th, 2005  
Duty Honor Country
Good poll question

At the time I "signed my life away," I really was only thinking about the college cash. My grades were not all that good (I am sure you may have seen me reference my SAT score of 980 on the forum ), I had no real want to go to college, there was no way I could get a decent job staying at home and I felt like I needed a change of pace.

Basically, I joined the Army becuase I felt it would be a good place for me to bide my time until I could figure out what to do with my life. All those honorable reasons for being in the military would come to me as I served my country.
March 26th, 2005  
Way back in the Dark Ages, there was a war on (Vietnam). While I was in high school, I had several friends who lost their brothers there and the left wing protesters were in high gear. The media had also turned against the efforts there during those days. I guess I felt some level of confusion and disillusion not with the government but with the media and the protesters.
I finished high school and went on to college. It was there that I got up close and personal with some of those protesters. They struck me as a bunch of kids who were protesting just because it was the fashionable thing to do and not out of any real personal conviction or well thought out objection. If they had any real concern at all, it was about being drafted themselves more than anything else.
I was struck by the shallowness of it all and decided that I needed to do something other than debating these people that would reflect my own beliefs and convictions. I dropped out of college and joined the Army. After all these years, I've never regretted my decision.
March 26th, 2005  
I figured it couldn't be any harder than living on a farm, and they might even teach me something I could use. Even now I miss the farm, but still haven't figured out what I wanna be when I grow up.
March 26th, 2005  
Charge 7
My experience was somewhat similar to DTop's except that I finished college. It was 1970 and I was now eligible for the draft. I joined the Army to avoid being drafted and having no choice in what I did. By enlisting I had some say in the matter. As time went on I found that I "fit" in the military and when years went by and officers in my unit suggested I go to OCS I jumped at the chance and made a career out of it.
March 27th, 2005  
The decision of going to army service for me was more of a tradition, my grand father was defending my country back in of ww2, my father was in army back in the late golden 60's and now me although in reserves by now. I chose the army not because I had to but because I wanted to.
March 28th, 2005  
The Other Guy
Never joined, and never plan to.

USAF maybe...
March 29th, 2005  
I put in Guns, Guns and more Guns just because, well i love military equipment. Being payed to use weaponry and armoured vehicles is the next best thing. Oh and i like a little adventure in my life as well as to feel proud.
March 29th, 2005  
Well, My reasons are all up there, so I put the main reason, to serve my Country.
I'm joining becasue, I have a proud family history (including my G Grandfather who won the MM)
Also, I'll be living on base, with a guarteed job, and opertunities to recive promotions and such.
That and the fact I haven't grown out of the stage were all the little boys want to join the army. Wanted to join now for 11 years. All my studies are geared up to help me get in, I do a regular fitness routine, and joined the Cadets because I'd learn more about the Defence Forces there.