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Serve my country 7 25.93%
To be part of something bigger than myself 5 18.52%
Get job experience / training / education 1 3.70%
Good job, good pay and good benefits 2 7.41%
Lack of other employment opportunities 0 0%
Love the uniform 0 0%
Family history, heritage or tradition 1 3.70%
Wanted to freak out my liberal pacifist parents 0 0%
Condition of parole or probation 0 0%
Drafted 2 7.41%
Dare or bet 0 0%
Cool toys 0 0%
I have no idea! 2 7.41%
Other 6 22.22%
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March 29th, 2005  
Well, an engineering regiment did their winter training in my "backyard" 2 years in a row and it looked really interesting and I knew then that if I joined I'd have an awesome job that would never always be boring
April 14th, 2005  
It was either join or work for the local council in a dead end job.
April 30th, 2005  

Topic: Mo Money

and a chance to travel the world for free..
July 29th, 2005  
Got called up for National Service, that was the time you were in the forces for two years doing the same work as a regular for half his pay, less leave, less travel warrants. Still they allowed you or should I say they insisted that you took the same if not more risks the the Regular soldier.