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December 23rd, 2004  

Topic: humvee

I know somebody who has one here in the us
December 24th, 2004  
the first place I would look would be the nearest DRMO http://www.drms.dla.mil/ at a large Army facility. I know you can get the 1002's and 1024's (Blazer/Pick Up...did I get those numbers right?) there...DRMO sells as is and you have to be able to drive, push, pull, tow, carry the item away immidiately. lots of things are sold by lot and via auction.

Call them and ask them about it and their policies.
December 29th, 2004  
you can just but a hummer costemize it too look like a miltaly hummer
December 29th, 2004  
that's an idea...but then you would have to remove the leather seats, carpet, headliner, door panels, etc...strip the paint and paint it with CARC, and remove the dash and all the cool doo-dads...

Actually, if you are gonna buy the vehicle for hunting and such, you should look into buying a used civilian HUMMER...have you ever sat in a HUMWV in cold wet weather? Hint: you get cold and wet.

December 29th, 2004  
You as a civilian are authorized to buy and drive a military HMMWV with a few modifications. You can purchase the vehicle through a military auction. You can also purchase the 2 1/2 trucks and 5 ton trucks that the military uses. I'm guessing that soon the LMTV will also be available for purchase. Keep one thing in mind however. You will need a LOT of money to make any of these purchases. When you receive the vehicles they will be stripped. No engine no brake system pretty much all you are buying is the frame and body the rest is up to you as to what you would like to do with the vehicle.

The military is not going to just sell you a perfectly good vehicle they are going to take everything that is good on the vehicle off for the repairs of the salvageable vehicles. This is the reason you will not find one in working condition unless an extreme overhaul was conducted. you can (after a bit of research) find them with the engine and brake system but they probably don't work.
January 15th, 2005  
FO Seaman
If you buy from the UK you you can get tree T-72's or a BRDM.

Aesome link below check out the T-72's for sale.