Where to buy Africa corp cap?

April 30th, 2006  

Topic: Where to buy Africa corp cap?

Genuine or replica, been looking without much joy so any help will be appreciated, thank you.
April 30th, 2006  
What does it look like?
April 30th, 2006  
First site on Google:

May 1st, 2006  
sven hassell
Is this any good?
And yes I am computer retarded and don't know how to show links(can anyone tell me step by step ?).
Officer's Tropical Visor Cap (Afrikamütze)This is the officer's version of the M40 tropical field cap. It's just like the enlisted style, but is piped around the crown and the front scallop with aluminum basket weave piping. It has the correct large tropical visor, not the M43 type visor used by the other guys. As on the originals, two vent eyelets on each side of the crown and the lining is red poplin. Also, like the enlisted version, these were widely used from Southern France to Southern Russia.
A word about our fabric.
Because there was such a wide color spectrum used in the original uniforms, we make these uniforms in various shades and sometimes we vary the weight of the twill. We've gotten positive and negative feedback from different customers on the very same pieces, saying the color does or does not match with an original item they have in their collection. It's impossible for us to make and stock every known shade of Army tropical oliveand we cannot guarantee shade choices.

This item is proudly made in Dallas, Texas
Price: $65
Add soutache for $10 more
Shipping in Continental US: $7
Select sizeClick to load truck Heer Officer's Tropical Visor Cap
size 56 (7) 57 (7-1/8) 58 (7-1/4) 59 (7-3/8 60 (7-1/2) 61 (7-5/8 62 (7-3/4)
Itemselect desired color (optional)click to add to truck Soutache Color White Lime Green Pink Light Green Golden Yellow Orange Red Black Copper Brown
May 1st, 2006  
Italian Guy
[quote=sven hassell]I don't know how to show links (can anyone tell me step by step ?).

Sure. You can check out this thread.