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Whats your favorite military book/novel?
February 18th, 2004  
Whats your favorite military book/novel?
I just finished reading Black Hawk Down. Its such a good book. Really sad though (like most military literature).
February 18th, 2004  
Animal Mother
Black Hawk Down - Mark Bowden.
Team Yankee - Harold Coyle.
All quiet on the Western Front - Erich Maria Remarque.
The Price of Glory - Verdun 1916 - Alistair Horne.
Red Storm Rising - Tom Clancy.
Stalingrad - Antony Beevor.
Berlin - 1945 Antony Beevor.
Paths of Glory - Anthony Clayton.
Iran-Iraq: War in the air - Tom Cooper & Farzad Bishop.
February 22nd, 2004  
"Company Commander" by John McDonald I believe. McDonalds time as CC before and after the Battle of the Bulge.
Whats your favorite military book/novel?
February 22nd, 2004  
I had forgotten about that book, Puff, that is one good read!
February 22nd, 2004  
See No Evil by Robert Bear {Retired CIA agent}

Good Book, but I actually I put that down right in the middle, for reasons that should be left out of this conversation
February 29th, 2004  
Lots of good suggestions - here are some of my favorites (beyond some of those the have been already mentioned):

The Defense of Duffer’s Drift by E. D. Swinton (a must have, but out of print again )
The Defense of Hill 781 by James R. McDonough (Swinton with a modern twist)
Steel Wind - Colonel Georg Bruchmuller and the Birth of Modern Artillery by David T. Zabecki
Panzer Battles by F. W. von Mellenthin
Panzer Leader by Heinz Guderian
Lost Victories by Erich von Manstein


Any of the Hammer’s Slammers stories by David Drake
Any of the Horatio Hornblower stories by C. S. Forester (Forester did it first and best :!: )
The Captain from Connecticut by C. S. Forester
The General by C. S. Forester
March 4th, 2004  
Well 'Marine Sniper' and 'Silent Warrior' are basically the same book, only with different details, but they are my favorite. They inspired me, and they rock.
March 17th, 2004  
Steel On Target
The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer
March 18th, 2004  
I just finished Rainbow Six. That book is insanely good.
March 18th, 2004  
Too many great ones, sorry lol especially WWII and Civil War TRUE accounts. My favorites.