What's Your Favorite Branch Specific War Movie? - Page 5

November 20th, 2007  
Air Force - Pearl Harbor
Navy - Officer and a Gentleman
Army - Hamburger Hill
Marine- Full Metal Jacket
SF - Tie between Black Hawk Down and Dirty Dozen

I was going to pick Annapolis for Navy, but it was the Hardcore Marine that made the movie for me, so I could not honestly count it. Just about any movie with a Leatherneck in it is a favorite of mine. It isn't just the uniform, although that is a plus, but the attitude and the way they carry themselves, (in reality not the movies) that sets the Marines apart from everyone else.

Just don't every expect to hear me say Beat Navy, just not physically able to do so. After all I am an Army Veteran. On the other hand I would never dream of saying Beat Marine during the football game.
December 12th, 2007  
Navy The Fighting SeaBees
Marines Heartbreak Ridge
Air Force Memphis Belle
Army The Green Berets
December 16th, 2007  
Originally Posted by boom_er1
Air Force One was not an AIR FORCE movie just because Air Force is in the titile. I belive it was just an action movie involving the "President" and AF1
You're right, so, that'd be Memphis Belle for the Air Force, and Guardian for the Coast Guard.
September 16th, 2008  
One of the best ones I've seen that was very macho for the Englanders was the Final Option.

Heartbreak Ridge wasn't bad for the Corps, nor was Full Metal Jacket, but they seemed to be more of borderline commercial type movies. One of the best I thought for the Corps, unfortunately, they turned out to be bad guys, was The Rock. That was interesting and good action.

By far, my favorite Army movie is/was We were soldiers. Mel Gibson's great. Black Hawk Down was good too, what a CF that was in real life.
October 4th, 2008  
At this point in time...

Army: Apocalypse Now (my best fav), followed by Kelly's Heroes & Glory.

Marines: Windtalkers.

Navy: Master & Commander.

Airforce: Battle of Britain (flaws and all), ...anything Airforce really...Pearl Harbor, Where Eagles Dare, Memphis Belle, etc.

Special Forces: ...not sure maybe Black Hawk Down.
November 12th, 2008  
Battle of Britain
The Sea Shall Not Have Them.
Battle of the River Plate