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November 9th, 2010  
I lean toward the Mosquito or FW-190-D
December 5th, 2010  
Victum Romanus
Sorry but I have to mention more then one plane.

Rank 1:
Bf-109 Messerschmitt.

Rank 2:
Japanese Zero.

Rank 3:
Junkers Ju-88.
December 10th, 2010  
Well, this is not about "the best" or the "most important" but it is "your favourite".
My answer is then the Mosquito, followed by the nearly unknown Italian fighter Reggiane RE 2005.
Why this second one? Well, though built in a few tenths and totally irrelevant to the history of operations, it was simply beautiful.
February 14th, 2011  
PFC Prokopy
P38 all the way
what plane did MAJ Richard Bong the "Ace of Aces" the man with the most aerial victories fly? the p38
February 27th, 2011  
MC Martel
Well if we're going "best" it'd be, in this order
1. P-51 Mustang best prop fighter of the war
2. Gloster Meteor best jet of the war (outperformed the ME-262 in virtually every category, if only slightly)
3. Vought F4U Cosiar, best naval fighter plane of the war

But if we want to go just "favorites" the subjective measure, then I'd say
1. The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, or, "The Jug" it was bit, it was tough, it was fast, and it had guns up the wazoo
2. The Illyushin-II, the unsung hero the eastern front, basically, the plane that pushed the nazi's back to berlin.
3. B-29, cause it was the biggest bomber of the war, and that's just kinda cool.
March 4th, 2011  

Topic: Re: What is your favorite WW2 planes?

To me, the best or most important fighter was the P-51 Mustang. Without the Mustang I seriously do not think the Normandy invasion could have been accomplished! The Luftwaffe would have challenged the Allies for the airspace over western France. This meant the Allies ability to crush the German Army would have been greatly reduced!
The most important bomber to me was the B-17. It was the bomber which took the fight to the enemy in all theaters during the worst of times for the Allies.
March 16th, 2011  
R. Mauldin

Originally Posted by Setback
Junkers JU-87
One "bad to the bone" looking aircraft.
March 19th, 2011  

Topic: What is your favorite WW2 plane?

My favorite WWII aircraft? P47 Thunderbolt. Big hitter and could get you back home after a bad day at the office.
May 19th, 2011  
personally i like the Lancaster and Supermarine Spitfire
May 19th, 2011  
Originally Posted by Setback
Junkers JU-87
The Stuka was so ugly that it's allmost cute, and it sure fascinates me.
The favourites however, is...
Me-262 Schwalbe, it didn't perform too well, but unlike it's Allied counterparts it did perform, and it just looks good!
P-38 Lightning, no other reson than the good looks, and the fact that it was the only fighter without a joystick.
Short Sunderland Mk.V. partly beccause workhorses are seldom awarded any trophies, and this flying wolf in sheeps clothing was a tough mouthfull to it's oponents.

And then the Douglas C47 Dakota (another workhorse) always had a special place in my heart, on permanent basis.