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April 25th, 2006  
I'd build an indoor arena so I wouldn't have to try and ride my horse through 4ft of snow in the damn winter......and I build a nice log house to go with it
May 3rd, 2006  
Originally Posted by skipper
One Million US means u can retire all u silly people. $1Million in a 5% interest account, thats a standard, long term bank account rate fellas, means that it will earn $50000 a year, which is pretty good for not working. Put it into off shore 15 - 20% rates, and ur on Bludger's Highway, just off Easy St, heading to Relaxville.

Go compound interest!!!!! Best use ever for 11th year Maths.
Right, but you'll only earn compound interest if you leave that money in the bank to earn the interest. If you take out your $50,000 every year, you'll only earn $50,000 every year. The only way to earn the compound interest ($50,000 in year 1, $52,500 in year 2, $55,125 in year 3, and so on) is to never take the money out of the bank. And if you can't take the money out of the bank, you can't really retire. (Go Ivy-league MBA! )

And if you do take out the $50,000 each year, it depends on where you live -- I live just outside of Washington, DC (and I used to live in New York City). Trust me, $50,000 (before taxes) does NOT go very far in those two places.
May 4th, 2006  
Paying off credit cards, house, car and study loans and then getting the out of this country before the leftists get their hands on what's left...

Like going to United States Virgin Islands or New Zealand, that would be nice
June 3rd, 2006  
The Cooler King
If you are going to invest, the best thing to do is deversify. Interest rates on savings accounts are a little less than 1%. It is kind of pointless putting in there if that's the case. I'd rather have it under my mattress. The smarter option would be to stick a good chuck of it into time deposits and bonds. You build up a base this way. It's very secure and liquid. Then, you are going to want to put some of it in mutal funds. Then comes the stocks. You don't want to put as much money in individual stocks as you didn't with the mutual funds with the reason being that mutual funds are a little safer. Lastly, what you could do is pick out a stock that you will think is the next Google or Microsoft and put a small amount on it. The whole process is like building a Pyramid. You get a base with time deposits and bonds, then mutual funds, then individual stocks, then your "gambling money."
June 3rd, 2006  
I learned all about this in business tech last semester but sadly i forgot everything
June 3rd, 2006  
Navy Boy
I will put all that money to college so I won't have depend on my parents paying for me to go to college.
June 6th, 2006  
I´d build a money storage like Uncle Scrooge... Nothing in it though... FLASHY
September 29th, 2007  
Miss Janis
Buy a house with a horse property!
September 29th, 2007  
I'll buy a house, finance my education and also initiate a bursary at my university for 5 years for 3 top students from Iran who write a good essay elaborating a way to democratize Iranian society!
September 29th, 2007  

Buy a house with 15-20 acres in Texas
Travel to Europe and some islands in Pacific Ocean
And the rest goes into my bank.