What would you arm an army with? - Page 3

January 18th, 2005  
This force is designed with a sub-saharan conflict in mind

Hangun: Glock 18
Submachinegun: MP5
Assault rile: M16 w/20" barrel
Combat Shotgun: Striker/Protecta
anti-material Sniper rifle (12.5mm+) : Barret M107
anti-personel sniper rifle : FN FAL with scope
Light machine gun/SAW(5.56mm): Vektor Mini-SS
General purpose machine gun (7.62mm): Vector SS77
Heavy machine gun (12.5mm/.50cal): H2

Anti-armour missile systems: Mokopa
Air-defence missile: SAHV-3

Utility truck (e.g hummer/land rover): Mamba

Wheeled armoured fighting vehicles: Ratels with .50/20mm or 90mm guns
Tracked armoured fighting vehicles: none

Main Battle Tank: Rooikat/ Olifant

Artillery: G6

Support Helicopter: Good ole UH1
Attack Helicopter: Rooivalk

Ground Attack: A10
Fighter: ATG, INC. HDI (if on a budget) - if I win the lotto - F22
Cargo Craft: C130

Maybe we should add to this the breakdown of a squad etc...
January 19th, 2005  
handgun: .50 deagle
submachinegun: mp5sd
assult rifle : HK g-36
machegun: .50 cal
sniper: PSG-1 7.62mm

artillery : 155mm plz 45 heavy gun-howtizer
tank: leopard II or type 98
January 19th, 2005  
reason why hk 36 over m-16:

because it rarely jams, lighter and in all aspects like an ak which does not need much maintance
January 19th, 2005  
Ok, thanks to bushpig's suggestion il add the breakdown of the squad to the topic. Im going to say my squad is made of 8 soldiers broken into 2 fireteams.

All have CZ-100 handgun

Team leader: G-36k
Rifleman: G-36+LAW
Rifleman: G-36 + AG-36?
Rifleman: FN Minimi

Team leader: G-36k
Rifleman: G-36 + AG-36
Rifleman: FN Minimi
Rifleman: Dragunov SVD
January 19th, 2005  
Hangun:Glock 18
Submachinegun: HK MP5k
Assault rile:G36
Combat Shotgun: Frachi Spas
anti-personel sniper rifle :WA2000
General purpose machine gun (7.62mm):MG3
Heavy machine gun (12.5mm/.50cal): Browning M2HB

every Soldier would be equipped with special personal Armor
which would be completely sealed from the air (helmet included)
so gas and biologic warfare would be almost useless
The helmets would have stuff like nightvision air filters and a still big
viewing field so they do not obstruct so much

( I know it souns pretty futuristic and VERY expensive )
January 19th, 2005  
Yer Welcome, Shadowstalker...my Squad would look like this...

10 man Squad

Every member carries Glock 18 as sidearm, standard body armor no NBC gear (the possible enemies in the sub-sahara theatre don't have NBC capability) and night vision equipment and helmet with integrated radio system linked to a relay station that will boost the reception enough to reach home base.

Lead: M16/ 20" barrel (the 20" makes ballistics better over 200 meters than the 16")

3 Troops with M16/20" barrels

2 Troops with Mechem NTW-20/14.5 (Armor faced in this region ismostly think skinned light tanks) and MP5's

2 Troop with Mini-SS

2 troop with Scoped FAL

Glock 18 Ammo - each troop carries staqndar 20 rd clip in weapon with replacement 4 32 rd clips.
M16 Ammo - as much as possible
Mini-SS ammo - 1 belt in weapon, 2 extra belts in pouches
SS77 Ammo - same as Mini SS
FAL Ammo - as much as possible
MP5 Ammo - AMAP
Mechem NTW-20/14.5 - 10 rounds in each calibre.
January 20th, 2005  
armored company

30challenger tanks 40leopard II tanks, 100bradleys, 20abrams, and 40 t-90
March 6th, 2011  
Handgun:HK USP45
Submachinegun:FN P90
Assault Rifle:HK G36
Shotgun:Remington 870
Anti-Material Rifle:McMillan TAC-50
Sniper Rifle:Accuracy International Artic Warfare Magnum (300 win mag)
Light-Machinegun:HK MG4
General-Purpose Machinegun:HK MG3
Heavy-Machinegun:Browning M2

Anti-Armor Missile:Javelin, Kornet, Spike, RPG-7
Air-Defence Missile:Igla-S,S-400,Patriot Pac-3

Utility Truck:Land Rover
Wheeled AFV:Patria AMV,BTR-3U
Tracked AFV:BMP-3M,K-21
MBT:Leopard 2A6,T-84 Oplot-M
Artillery:M777,Denel G7,HIMARS,BM-30 Smerch,WR-40 Langusta,AS-90/PZH-2000

Support Helicopters:Mi-17TV-5,EC-725,UH-60
Attack Helicopters:AH-64D,Mi-35M3 with western avionics
March 6th, 2011  
Hangun: Browning Hi-Power
Submachinegun: UMP45
Assault rifle: LWRC M6A2
Combat Shotgun: AA-12
anti-material Sniper rifle (12.5mm+) : Barret M107
anti-personel sniper rifle : M95 chambered in .416 Barrett
Light machine gun/SAW(5.56mm): M27 IAR
General purpose machine gun (7.62mm): M240B
Heavy machine gun (12.5mm/.50cal): M2HB

Anti-armour missile systems: Javelin, TOW
Air-defence missile: Stinger, Patriot

Utility truck (e.g hummer/land rover): HUMVEE, 5 ton truck

Wheeled armoured fighting vehicles: Stryker, LAV
Tracked armoured fighting vehicles: Bradley IFV

Main Battle Tank: M1A3 Abrams MBT

Artillery: Panzerhaubitze 2000

Support Helicopter: CH-47, UH-1

Attack Helicopter: AH-64
March 8th, 2011  
Hangun: FN Five-SeveN
Submachinegun:FN P-90 or UMP.45
Assault rile: AN-94, Scar-H or G36
Combat Shotgun: M1024, AA12 or M1200
anti-material Sniper rifle (12.5mm+) :Istiglal Anti-Material Rifle ( the 14.5x114mm version, not the 12,7 being developed)
anti-personel sniper rifle :CheyTac Intervention
Light machine gun/SAW(5.56mm):FN Minimi
General purpose machine gun (7.62mm):Any soviet PK family
Heavy machine gun (12.5mm/.50cal): Just go with M2 Browning, cheapest.

Anti-armour missile systems:MSS-1.2 (For once brazil built something actually worth the price) and javelins. For lighter vehicles AT4.
Air-defence missile:For mobile escort 9K22 Tunguska. For stationary Pantsir-S1. For poor little infantry give them some Stingers/Iglas

Utility truck (e.g hummer/land rover):HMMWV and Ural Trucks

Wheeled armoured fighting vehicles: BTR-90, BRDM-2, EE-9 Cascavel maybe
Tracked armoured fighting vehicles:BMP-3

Main Battle Tank: T90 in defensive operations and K-2 Black Panther for offensive operations.

Artillery: PzH 2000 and Astros II

Support Helicopter: Mi-7 and Black Hawk
Attack Helicopter: Depending on enemy AA, MI-24 , Apache or Roovailk.

Give my soldiers Dragon Skin body armor, some claymores, assorted grenades and train them Kraw Maga and knife throwing.

Anyone got any suggestion on how to improve?