What is it worth?

September 28th, 2005  
FO Seaman

Topic: What is it worth?

Ok, I have some stuff that seems like it's worth something, does anyone have any idea the prices of these items nowadays?

M18A1/M33 Claymore Training mine complete with detonator, wire and test lamp.

GTA 44-2-13 (1991) Soviet Manufactured Foward Area Aircraft , spotter cards (two sets, unopened).

Master Gunner Armored Vehicle Identification Text (1978)

FM 17-50 (1977) Attack Helicopter Operations

GTA 17-2-19 (1991) Visual Signals for Armor Fighting Vehicles (Combined Arms)

FM 7-8 (1992) Infantry Rilfe Platoon And Squad

4th Battalion, 67th Armor STAB-OPS ANNEX BANDIT TACSOP (November 1995)

OPTIONAL FORM 70-July 1973 (Fragile stickers)

GTA 5-2-9 1975 Protractor

Three MP5 magazines

One M249 SAW ammo box

Bandolier vest from Veitnam

1950 Cold Weather Jacket

1950 Map of Camp Drum (Fort Drum, New York)

Gas Mask from WWII (unknown date)

Two M17 CB Respirators
November 3rd, 2005  
Check Ebay. They have all sorts of that stuff on there.