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What to do when you get attacked by a bear?
August 17th, 2005  

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What to do when you get attacked by a bear?
Originally Posted by fronzz
What would all of you do if tou were attacked by a bear.
I would have kicked him in the "ding-ding"...

August 17th, 2005  
Originally Posted by LIPS
Dont get us started on Koalas, but drop bears well now thats a different story. Really not your average attack bear but still could be deadly. If I came up against one of your grizzly bears then I would most likely run away screaming like a little girl those damn things are big plus I dont carry any weapons when I go camping. So running away like a little girl would be the most bestest course of action.

PS. You dont tell no one about running and stuff you keep that one locked away for a rainy day.

With Drop bears, always look up before putting your tent up..
and keep some bundaberg rum handy
August 17th, 2005  
Some bear facts:
Bears found in the U.S.:
Black bears - 125lbs to 400lbs.
Grizzly bears - 200lbs to 1,100lbs.
Polar bears - 400lbs. to 1,400lbs.

Dispelling the Myths
Bears are curious, intelligent and potentially dangerous animals. Respecting bears and learning proper behavior in their territory will help to ensure that if you encounter a bear, neither of you will suffer needlessly form the experience. Learn the "do's and don'ts" of bear safety before venturing into the wilderness.

Bears can't run downhill. False Bears are quite agile and can run downhill easily and quickly.
Garbage bears are tame. False Garbage or spoiled bears pose the most hazardous threat to public safety.
Bears have poor eyesight. False Bears have good eyesight. They can see colors, form, and movement but prefer to trust their more sensitive senses of smell and hearing
Bears are big and slow. False Bears are extremely agile and can run at high speeds over short distances
Black bears aren't dangerous. False Black bears are as wild and unpredictable as any other member of the bear family.
Bears are carnivorous. False Ninety percent of a bear's diet contains vegetable matter.
Grizzly bears cannot climb trees. True and False Grizzly cubs can climb all trees, but only a few adult grizzlies can climb -- and only then when branches are sufficiently spaced.
Bears don't swim. False Bears are excellent long-distance swimmers.


Despite their weight bears can run at speeds of up to 35 mph.

Anyone care to change your answer?
What to do when you get attacked by a bear?
August 17th, 2005  
Nope, I was defintately told mine by my mom... who like knows everything.

Sorry DTop, with my experiences over this summer, I'm still running downhill. BUt you are right, bears can still run quite well for their build.

Black bears aren't dangerous. False Black bears are as wild and unpredictable as any other member of the bear family.

~Black bears are dangerous, however they aren't as ferocious as Grizzly bears. If a Black bear sees you, he is more likely to run away then a Grizzly bear. How do I know? There was a Black bear on campus at a summer camp I attended. He was very scared of people, and people would only get a quick glance before he would run away. Had their been a Grizzly, camp life definitely wouldn't have continued as normal.
August 17th, 2005  
Well, if you think you can do better than 35mph downhill, be my guest. It was sure nice knowing you

My experience has been that most bears would just as soon avoid human contact.
True story: I actually woke up to find a black bear half way into my GP small (Army tent) one fine day when while training in New Brunswick, Canada. I will always have a great respect for anything that is bigger and faster than I am.
August 17th, 2005  
Actually, first thing I would do is pray. Next thing is find a big tree and play ring around the rosie for a few. That would give time to figure out an alternate escape.
August 17th, 2005  
ill be damed if i know
(assuming you have no weapons)make as much noise as possible if that fails, climb a tree, if that fails run like hell or as a last resort wrestle with it(sucide i know but do you a better idea? )
August 17th, 2005  
Give him the picnic basket?
August 17th, 2005  
All the answers we need here:

August 17th, 2005  
Charge 7
Well I have been attacked by a bear - and it was a grizzly. It was on the far reaches of Yellowstone back in the '70s. In my case I was fortunate to have a noble and brave dog who gave his life to save me. Despite having his whole side laid open by the bear's claws he continued his attack until finally overcome. He gave me just enough time to get away and reach my car.

This was the ultimate "save" I had mentioned in other posts but had feared to elaborate thinking it would be thought to be made up. Some 30 years have passed but I am still in awe of Max's bravery and devotion. Nothing makes me feel so safe as a German Shepherd.