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July 24th, 2009  
Pennicilin, WWII
July 24th, 2009  
Reading over the discoveries listed it is obvious that the title of this topic should be:

How discoveries or innovations are applied to war time use.


Penicillin was "discovered" at least as early as 1929. A way of mass producing it was not found until 1943. It became available to allied forces in mass quantities prior to D-Day.

The accelerated development of the Atomic bomb could be attributed to war. Nuclear power plants could be considered a beneficial development of this war time innovation.

Most of the items brought up on this topic are things that were known before wars and just applied to warfare for the benefit of the military.
July 26th, 2009  
A Can of Man
That is true. I actually found that finding inventions first invented BY the military and applied to civilian use later much harder to find.
July 27th, 2009  
I can't be arsed at this point.
July 27th, 2009  
Originally Posted by bulldogg
I can't be arsed at this point.
You were not being "arsed", your point was a lot closer to true than the guy who thought the machinegun was an "innovation that has gifted the world".

It is tough to find things invented during wars to be used in warfare that have really advanced humanity.
July 27th, 2009  
TCP/IP Protocol -Devoloped by the DOD during the Cold War as a non-interruptable method of data communication.
July 28th, 2009  
The Other Guy
Fuel Injection.
November 28th, 2009  
Nuclear weapons.

With them, a large scale war will probably never exist again.
December 7th, 2009  
GPS - The Cold War
December 8th, 2009  
Aircraft carriers 4.5 acres of sovereign United States that can be placed withing striking or aid distance of anywhere in the world

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