What do you think of the P-90? - Page 2

November 15th, 2004  
A Can of Man
Give me an FNC any day.
November 15th, 2004  
It's my favorite SMG and the best... In my opinion.
November 15th, 2004  
the P90 seems nice and good but i think the MP7 will make a serios dent.
the P90 cant be used as a pistol where as the MP7 can as well as being an SMG.
November 15th, 2004  
Not really any need for it at all

A hideous concept gun if you ask me
November 15th, 2004  
A Can of Man
I guess I could only *really* know if I fired one but seeing none of the top security anythings are adopting the P-90 and are simply sticking with the MP-5 and M-4 mix and match, I would think it's not really that great.
November 16th, 2004  
Ugly. I think it's not worth going to high tech in the weapon designs. The "Traditional" designs work well anyway, so why try and change what isn't broken.
You never know what is good until you try it, sticking with the traditional is a really stubborn way to do things and leads to others overtaking you.

Halo 1 was pretty good, who needs Halo 2?

From what I hear about the P90, the rounds are of smaller caliber and meant to be coupled with the FN Five-seveN. The forerunner of the PDW guns it has a mag cap of 50. But the rounds tend to get "jumbled" around a bit if dropped and the shells eject downward making it hard to shoot while prone.

I believe the P90 is competing against the MP7 for NATO PDW. Or has it already been done?
November 17th, 2004  
All I know is that it kicks ass when I play James Bond with it.
November 18th, 2004  
it seems popular in the media due to its "modern" look
it is also mentioned in a fair few of matthew reilly's books
its an interesting idea for a gun...
December 28th, 2004  
I can't stand that weapon. How do you preform a quick reload on it? What is the point of using a round meant for piercing in a security environment where not everyone is hostile? I think the best part of this weapon is the fact that a respectable company makes it, Fabrique National.
December 28th, 2004  
The P90 has a bit more range than the mp7. The mp7 is good, make no mistake, but I think the P90 is better - mostly because it has more range, just as much penetratoin and higher mag capacity than the mp7. Plus it is easier to aim. The MP7 looks a little difficult to aim properly. From reports that I've read and heard, folks that shoot the P90 are quite impressed with it, since it has a low impulse type round. The recoil is slight and it is easy to place several shots in a target really fast.
It looks like crap but if I had to choose between it and a Mac10 or MP7, I'd take the MP5
The p90 is good, the mag setup is crappy and IMO it should use a regular mini assault rifle setup such as the Micro Galil.