What size shoe are u and how old are u? - Page 7

July 26th, 2009  
age 14... size 14
November 24th, 2009  
age 18...size 15
July 2nd, 2010  
age 14

size 11 1/2
July 8th, 2010  
size 12 im 15
September 26th, 2010  
Renegade 13
Age 15 - Size 15 regular shoes and size 13 boots
January 17th, 2011  
c/CSM Henson, T.
16 years young. Size 13 in shoes, 11 in boots.
I am also 6 foot tall and 143lbs
June 1st, 2011  
size 11 W, and im a 15 year old f. who is 5' 9":3
June 3rd, 2011  
Compared to most of those on the list here...

Size: Enormous!

Age: Ancient!

And since I'm all metric I wouldn't know what my combatboots would be in UK or US size anyway.
June 8th, 2011  
Gosh! Age average 16.2?? Now I start understaning a little more....

Anyway, myself 42 (obviously European, wont have a clue what that translates to in US and too lazy to google) boots in summer and dry (make it 44 in winter or wet).

Age: Average poster age could all be my grand children. My male kids have 44/46 and are 32 and 28 respectively. No clue about my daughters size (she is 22 btw).

Rattler (very short time to see my sig left because I am going to change it - and my life? - due to my 4th - ex - wife - and best friend - having said something that sounds too true to not react to it appropriately).
July 10th, 2011  
Currentyly my feet are a US 11 1/2 EEEE. Due to the width I'm having trouble finding a pair of "snorkeling fins" I can wear.