What should i do - Page 2

February 23rd, 2004  
Hello Tank... Well i was basically in the same position you are in at the current time. When i was 16 i also wanted to join the military, only my branch was the navy. Unlike you, i am the first in my family to join the military. When i turned 17 i went in and talked to the recruiter and he wanted to get me into meps the following week, this made me feel a little uncomfortable. To make a long story short, i ended up joining the usaf. if you have any questions feel free to pm me...
March 4th, 2004  
Sorry, I was under the impression that you could not attend Basic Training until AFTER you left the Delayed Entry Program to go into Active duty. The thing you can do, however, is join the National Guard, and then go to Basic Training between your Junior and Senior year, as long as you are 17 and with parental consent.

If you want to go active duty, you will have to wait until you graduate, leave the DEP, and then ship off to basic.

Take it from a (kinda) old crusty tanker.