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November 21st, 2004  
silent driller
Originally Posted by Joe252
LOL- good one...

2nd Lt. in MCJROTC
Chief Master Sergeant in CAP
Vice President of the Couch Potato Crew(CPC)
November 22nd, 2004  
Warrant Officer 2nd Class in Royal Canadian Air Cadets

(My rank insignia is my avatar)
November 23rd, 2004  
Corproal 25th BN INF.

The Presidents library burn down from a fire last night. All two books were destroyed.

The President says 'Im very upset, I hadn't finished colouring the second book'.
November 24th, 2004  
rotc boy
November 24th, 2004  
rotc boy
o yea, i should add this, how long have you been in that program also, i have been in mine for about 3 mos
November 25th, 2004  
What's the rank structure of the USNSCC? I've been trying to figure that out but can't find it anywhere. Is it the same as the USN?
November 26th, 2004  
Almost the same. Cadets serve as Seaman Recruit (E-1) through Chief Petty Officer (E-7) rates. Senior and Master Chief Petty Officers are not used (don't think so anyway). Adult volunteers serve as Warrant Officers and commissioned officers (ensign through lieutenant commander only).

As for rank insignia, instead of straight stripes for Seaman Recruit through Seaman rates, chevrons are used (minus the Petty Officer's eagles). The Petty Officers' eagle/chevrons are the same as the US Navy's except they are a yellowish gold color.
November 27th, 2004  
I'm Cadet Seamen in NJROTC. ( As of this Wednesday. Got mees a promotion. )

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November 27th, 2004  
Cadet Major-Civil Air Patrol
Cadet Fourth Class-AFROTC
November 27th, 2004  
WTH is a cadet fourth class?