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January 4th, 2012  
I am listening to a pissed wife. Does that count?
January 6th, 2012  
When Im having a bad day at work I play this.

January 6th, 2012  
Hey your vid triggered something: Currently got my (musical) hard side out again (with all our highest holiday today, three magic kings and such...), Jesus is the true Last Hippie Standing!

Reminds me of a joke:

Jesus and The Holy Ghost, super bored on their cloud:
HG: "You bored?"
JC: "You bet!"
HG: "What about a bit of vacations?"
JC: "Great idea, haven´t had any the last 2.000 yrs..!"
HG: "OK, done deal, where we go, Jerusalem?"
JC: "God, no, only got bad memories of that fleck, not very hospitable folks, they nailed me to a tree there once, can you imagine?!"
HG: "OK, OK, what about Rome, then?"
JC: "Fantastic idea, now thats a place I have never visited before!"

Jesus Christ will resurrect
He's got his BMI royalty to collect
He's not the white fragile hippie
He looks and acts more like an indignant ICE-T
Jesus Christ is coming back
He wants to kick Mel Gibson's ass
Superstar, The Passion of
He wants his money, not your love

He's been kickin' 2000 years
He's fixed a lot of sports
and drank a million beers
Some ecstasy, a thin white line
He says designer drugs beat
the hell out of wine
Jesus Christ on vacation
Spreading mass sacreligion

"Sex and drugs, we abstain"
He thinks: "Christians are insane
They don't know love,
they know fear and moral hauteur
Scare tactics I never taught.."

"If you're gonna look to me,
better get rose colored shades,
Cuz what you see is what you get"

Enjoy, or not

January 6th, 2012  
January 7th, 2012  
January 7th, 2012  
And now something totally different (If it is a violation, delete it!)

January 7th, 2012  

I believe there is a love such as this. It may be in someone's dream, or another's 'reality'. We may have had it at a time it wasn't recognized or appreciated, so it's lost; to become dream again.

My hope is that everyone will feel this love at least once in a lifetime.
If not yet, there will always be hope. Hope-let it go and you may die of sadness.
January 7th, 2012  
January 8th, 2012  
Dead Lemon
huh! I love this topics. So much new music to gather (: