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June 26th, 2005  
we train all year round for drill, color guard, aerospace, general knowledge, flying, everything and anything we can. we also have programs that we go to like hawk mountain, and encampment, and my squadron goes on trips to washington d.c. and other historical site. we also try and hook up with other squadrons and see what they do + have alittle compitetion here and there lol
June 26th, 2005  
This all sounds pretty cool. What kind of training do you all get in the summer? Ive read lots about your weekly training so now lets talk about the extra stuff. Ill give a list of the courses and the info on them.

Length: 2 weeks

Basic Band
Length: 3 weeks

Basic Marksman
Length: 3 weeks

Basic Pipes & Drums Course
Length: 3 weeks

Cadet Leader
Length: 6 weeks

Cadet Leader Instructor Adventure
Length: 6 weeks

Cadet Leader Instructor Band
Length: 6 weeks

Cadet Leader Instructor Drill & Ceremonial
Length: 6 weeks

Cadet Leader Instructor Marksman
Length: 7 weeks

Cadet Leader Instructor Physical Education and Recreational Training
Length: 6 weeks

Cadet Leader Instructor - Pioneer (Trial)
Length: 6 weeks

Cadet Leader Instructor Pipes and Drums
Length: 6 weeks

Cadet Leader Instructor Rifle Coach
Length: 6 weeks

Cadet Leader Instructor Storeman
Length: 6 weeks

There are other advanced couses such as the basic parachutist course, international exchanges, etc. but i think this post is big enough as it is.

For more info on Army Cadey Summer Training you can go to:
June 27th, 2005  
Here at ROTC we have field training and Proffessional Development Training or PDT.

Field training is a mandatory one month program between your Sophomore and Junior years. It's an essential part of the officer training program and in some ways is boot camp on steroids.

There are several different PDT programs. From job shadowing an Air Force officer, to army jump school. And I mean the actual jump school with the majority of those there being active duty army servicemen.

And yes, AFROTC cadets can go to jumpschool, however it is much more difficult for them to go them for Army ROTC cadets to go.
June 27th, 2005  
there is SO much in the summer time i can't list all of it, it all depends on what you are interested in. I can list some that I have gone to....and other things people in my squadron have gone to, but other than that theres too many programs to list them all

Hawk mountain


radio operations basic school

radio operations advanced training school

color guard or ceremonial training/competition

cadet competitions, against people from different areas of NY then if won, go nationally

drill team

rifle training

solo pilots school

SARs team training

Chemical Emergency Response training

Aerospace Educational classes, various training courses throughout NY and NER

region bivouacs

Emergency Services missions

Special Missions training

Standards and Evaluations training and classes

Counter Drug missions and evaluations classes

Aircraft Maintenance, helps for pilots or want to be pilots

Homeland Security training and practice missions

NYWG Inspector General (Technician/Senior) Training Course

Mission Air School

Aerial Recon Photos class and many training excersices for ground and plane

mass casualty training exercises/training evalutations (medical training)

IACE-international air cadet exchange

National Honor Guard Acadmeny

Thats all that ive been to or someone in my squadron has been to, theres much more, but i don't feel like typing them all. Some are programs just for NY or NER, others are for the whole CAP cadet program in general.