What is going on?

June 3rd, 2004  

Topic: What is going on?

Ok, I haven't been on the forums lately, but lately the things that people are referring too and say have become ridiculous. Talking about how you like someones bra, how you broke 2 beds, and other things... I DON"T WANT TO KNOW THAT!! That should be PMed to someone.

Please, don't think that I don't have a wild side to, I have just learned to control what I put. Due to another forum, where anything having to do with the product of sex or anything else is offensive (talking about what happens in pregnancy, etc, etc, and what happens when you get drunk) I have gotten a better idea of professionalism.

Now, I know that not everyone here is in the military, and I know that not everyone here is representing the United States, and we have wide age-spans, but still have a little respect and pride for those who don't want to know every detail of your thoughts or life.

Now, if you want to know about as much as I refer to my intimate, at home life... There is a part where I talk about my ex bf kissing me on the forehead, and there is a post about annoying Boyfriends that sash and I tore up.

Have a little respect, please?

Another thing, spelling. there is a wonderful thing called ieSpell http://www.iespell.com Please take the time to use it! It can be used for e-mails and about anything... It's about as easy or easier then the Microsoft Word checker. Thanks yall!
June 3rd, 2004  
Now, you all should read this post all the way down, thank you.

I have only one remark, the spelling is not a big issue as long as you use periods, and have a close-to-correct sentence structure. Some of our non-english speaking members(like me) make spelling errors and thats ok...But at least make sure we can understand the sentnce....[/color]
June 3rd, 2004  
Crazy, it is not your place to play moderator, although I appreciate your sentiment. Sometimes things get by us (we have over 1000 members now and many many new posts each day, so it is inevitable that occasionally something will slip past us), if this happens, please PM myself, Redleg, or one of the other moderators, and we will take care of it.

However, some of you would do well to pay attention to what she said here.
June 3rd, 2004  
AAaaahhhh, too big and red text....

Hm, better now..

Good points Crazy, but I think it's best that this thread stays locked, I don't want to see any replies to this one..