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December 6th, 2004  

Topic: Web pages

Can anyone tell me and help me to set up a web page, the quickest and easest way.

Im so bad.
December 6th, 2004  

Okey .

What are we making ................i have a exam tommorow i can try to help ya after that .

What kind of a web page you looking for a personal web page or a web Blog ?

There are plenty of free hosts around who provide space for that .............they also provide some quick tools to set up a web page Quick and easy way ............they just put some advertisements on your site in return for the free service. or you have a space?

if you are looking for the free ones there are plenty of them

Yahoo : http://geocities.yahoo.com/

Tripod : http://www.tripod.lycos.com/ this provides you will some good toold to make your Site in a few easy steps.

If you are looking for Blogs thre are plenty for that too .

I have made a few Web site if ya need any help i will try .....but first Examies

December 6th, 2004  
SOund. PM me when you can.
December 6th, 2004  
dougal, the next topic you create in the wrong forum may result in a temporary ban. You have received more than enough warnings.