We Who Are About to Die

August 7th, 2003  

Topic: We Who Are About to Die

I saw Gods and Generals the other day for the first time, and was really impressed at the story Chamberlein told before he led his men into Fredricksburg. It's all about how Ceaser returned to find Rome in chaos, and the last line is "Hail Ceaser, we who are about to die, salute you". Does anyone know where this story/quote/saying is origanally from?
August 8th, 2003  
the original quote is:
Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant.
or, Hail Emperor, we salute you.
[Lat., Ave Imperator, te salutamus.]

It was spoken by gladiators entering the arena before combat.
Used a lot in the movie "Gladiator".
August 9th, 2003  
Thanks Redleg.
August 10th, 2003  
Dang, beat me to the punch. I had to learn the grammar which was used in that sentence along with a number of other things in Latin. Don't quite remember it all, but I got an inkling.