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January 4th, 2011  
You are a clown
January 4th, 2011  
Originally Posted by willsrn2000
Nope those are Native Americans which means they got here about 20,000 years before anyone else.
Since there seems to be so much resentment against the term "Real American" vs person with American residency , I will attempt to explain.
Real American refers to someone who believes 100% in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and not someone who sees them as archaic,
obsolete documents. A Real American is not constantly trying to amend this Constitution in an attempt to make it fit their narrow point of view and who believes it is already a complete blueprint for the conduct of human governance. A Real American is someone who has actualy read both documents, will lay down his life to defend them and believes there has never been a more perfect form of civil government in the history of the world. A Real American strongly resents people who constantly critize his way of life and belief's especially the ones who benefit directly from this country and yet oppose it at every turn.
There are plenty of people who inhabit America who are American in name only. They actually loath this country and all it stands for and would like nothing better than to see America demolished. An example is, all of our homegrown domestic terrorist of the past few years were American citizens. No one can say with accuracy how many more there are waiting in the wings for their moment of so-called glory but I suspect there may be thousands. The time is swiftly coming in my beloved country, sadly, that the term Real American is taking on more and more relevance.
Our newest elected Republican leaders are trying to assure that all laws passed in the future reflect the true meaning and spirit of the US Constitution. They are Real Americans. The majority of the liberals and Democratic party are having hissy fits and convulsions as this would defeat their planned agenda and hard work of socialising America for the past 50 years. The Real Americans are not offended by the use of this useful term.
So, if some of you guys want to keep lobbing your indirect fire at me, fire at will. I have made it clear who I am and its nice to be able to locate your hide.

I would think that a definition of "American" would be something to confess to a pluralistic society that allows different cultures and make all individuals alike to the political project - "democracy" - which is precisely aimed at ensuring that all have an equal right to be here. So everybody's entitled to "Pursuit of Happiness" regardless of religion, skin color, sexuality or gender, which means that the state is not defined as a state for one particular lifestyle or identity. But for you to be "real American" is an "identity"- an "identity", which should enjoy political priority as the political system should maintain? You demand that your demographic features should have political preference to all others whose political and social rights thus become secondary, and therefore no real civic rights? So, democracy and equality is tantamount to treason, and a "true patriot” is one that fights most of his compatriots? And Obama is just the most glaring example - a symptom of how "wrong it becomes" when introducing democracy?
Is this how it should be understood?

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