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USA not ready for 9/11??????
July 6th, 2004  
USA not ready for 9/11??????
If somebody wants something bad enough they will find a way no matter what stands in their way. No one no matter who they are can ever be prepared for everything that could possibly happen if that were true then there would be no point in training. All you can do is keep your guys ready and motivated and react to whatever situation may occurr.
July 7th, 2004  
USA Today had a recent article about this topic. There was a complete timeline of events that occured that morning. I cant remember the specifics but a few things stuck out in my mind. About 45 minutes after the first plane hit the WTC the military was told that same plane was headed to Boston or something. I mean come on.. 45 minutes!?!? I think the public knew before the military was told. Another thing I read was that a National Guard c130 (i think) watched the plane fly into the Pentagon. I'm sure a lot of things could have been done differently that morning.. but they weren't and there is nothing we can do about it now.. except learn.