US cannot confirm death of American hostage in Iraq

December 9th, 2005  
Team Infidel

Topic: US cannot confirm death of American hostage in Iraq

WASHINGTON, Dec 8 (AFP) - The US State Department said Thursday it was
unable to confirm whether an American contractor held hostage in Iraq had
been executed.

"(We've) seen those reports," said deputy spokesman Adam Ereli. "Obviously,
our hostage working group continues to be very much involved in this case,
working with the Iraqis, but I can't confirm it for you."

The Islamic Army in Iraq, an extremist Sunni group, said in an Internet
statement earlier Thursday that it had killed an American contractor it was
holding hostage.

The Islamic Army, which has claimed responsibility for several kidnappings
and murders, threatened in a video statement Tuesday to kill the hostage
within 48 hours unless all prisoners in Iraq were released.

The video broadcast on Al-Jazeera television showed the cover of a US
passport and a bank card bearing the name of Ronald Schulz. The captive was
one of seven Western hostages kidnapped in Iraq in the past two weeks.