US-american military watchers in southwest afrika before the ww-I ???

May 4th, 2016  

Topic: US-american military watchers in southwest afrika before the ww-I ???


I found in 2015/2016 two us-american uniform buttons in Namibia (former German
protectorate 1884-1918).

It seems to be a reference to the German protection force.

Was there at the German Protection Force or the South African / British invading troops in World War I American military observers?

Diameter 15 and 23 mm, imprint behind: New York Button

Who knows anything about it ???

greetings from archefoto

May 4th, 2016  
Hi, and welcome to the forums.

That buttons looks like the one 3 posts down in this thread:
May 5th, 2016  
I cant find a massive amount of information on the subject (yet) but Germany did hire mercenaries to assist with its East African colonies in putting down rebellions etc. some of which were American so it is entirely possible Americans could have been involved in the South West African campaign as well.
May 5th, 2016  
Today the country known as Namibia was known as German South West Africa. German troops surrendered to South African troops if I remember correctly around 1916. The Germans let all their horses loose so the South Africans couldn't use them. Today the descendants of those horse still roam free, amazingly surviving and mating in harsh desert conditions. I am not aware of American forces being used in the German South West Africa Campaign

Namatoni was a German fort in what is now Etosha reserve
May 10th, 2016  
It is possible some Americans volunteered to fight in Africa. There were many immigrants entering the US between the US civil war and the first world war and these immigrants might had a strong connection with their countries of origin.

When I read the Beauty and Sorrow by Peter Englund (a Swedish historian) I came across a man from South America, he was attracted by the war as many others and looked forward to the great adventure and heroism that influenced the majority of people prior the war. They were cured and the perception of war changed pretty fast. back to the guy from South America. He offered his duties to the Belgians, the French, and the British. They all rejected him so he volunteered for the other side and he became an officer in the Ottoman empire and fought in the Middle East. This guy left a paper trail after himself so it might be others doing the same during the First World War.

A footnote, read the book, it is pretty good.

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