Urban Battle Tank - Page 4

May 24th, 2005  
Question remains...is a tank really RPG resistant. It is impossible to have a vehicle that can do evertyhing that needs to be done by the "urban combat vehicle", IMO.

Maybe strip an abrahms down and reconfigure it's interior as a troop carrier and install a 25mm gun?
May 25th, 2005  
Take one standard Ratel and add this: http://www.shipunov.com/eng/bron/single.htm or http://www.shipunov.com/eng/bron/kluiver.htm
May 26th, 2005  
Originally Posted by beardo
I dont see why tanks etc dont still use the rpg nets, like on the old Britsh ''Tin Can'' used in Ireland
Seen the pictures of the US strykers in Iraq, they have the cages on them for just that reason.