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October 6th, 2003  

Topic: United States Navy

the motto is "Accelerate your life."
October 7th, 2003  
I think thats just the new recruitment saying, not sure if it's the "official motto"
October 9th, 2003  
I think this is the recruitement "motto" too.

Not sure about the official NAVY motto, tried to find it (if they have any), but no luck yet.
October 12th, 2003  
Yeah, it's just one of those recruitment mottos. Like 'Army of One' for the Army.

Don't know if the Army, Navy and Air Force maintain service mottos. The only ones I know of that are official are 'Semper Fi' for the Marines and 'Semper Paratus' for the Coast Guard.
October 12th, 2003  
Aint it "Noli Me Tangere" or "Don't touch/tread on Me" or somthing like that?
October 13th, 2003  
I have found the rest of the mottos now.

Look here: http://www.military-quotes.com/mottos/USA.htm
US Army has a Latin one too, I'll add i later today.