United States Air Force: Boot Camp and Needle Phobia: A Few Questions

December 3rd, 2008  

Topic: United States Air Force: Boot Camp and Needle Phobia: A Few Questions

Hi all, God here.
I have one major question concerning boot camp, as I am strongly considering enlisting to join the Air Force to become an MP.
I am needlephobic.
The name is fairly self-explanatory.
My phobia works in two parts:
I am extremely resistant to letting someone give me a shot.
I tend to, shall we say, 'pass out' when I do get a shot (I've yet to lose consciousness, but I feel very light-headed and my vision blacks out (it's caused by a sudden blood pressure drop, if you want to know)).
My primary concern is the first part of my phobia; I'm not going be able to stand there and let someone stick needles in my arms. For the second part, I'm fine if I pass out after wards, I just need to sit down so I don't fall on my ass. (well, fine being objective, I certainly won't have a broad grin spread across my face as I go blind)

There are two easy ways to treat the phobia (neither of which I have tried, (but most certainly will be attempting in the near future, before I have to finalize my plans for my future career), because I don't get shots often, but let's assume they work for the moment)
The first being to take a by mouth sedative. I believe it is called Adavan. My father (who has the same blood-pressure dropping problem (it's inherited)), swears that taking one of them will leave me with not a care in the world, and I will be fine with needles.
The second way to treat the phobia is to self-inject, which is, again, self-explanatory.
Now my question to you is this:
1) Will I be able to take an Adavan, if it is necessary (i.e., self-injection either does not solve my problem or is not allowed)
2) Is self-injecting allowed?
3) Is there a different way to do this than to go down the line of shots at boot camp, or is it part of the 'we own your ass' portion of the tour? (i.e., can I bring in shot papers, since I know I can use Adavan while getting the shots done locally, and just be up to date on them)

Thanks in advance for any replies.
P.S. Please, no 'suck it up' comments, it REALLY doesn't work like that.
P.P.S. Sorry for the heretical username, I thought it was funny.
December 3rd, 2008  
A Can of Man
Probably looking the wrong line of work then.
I've been injected with God knows how many things while I was in. I don't know if it's manditory in America but I had to get my blood pulled out every few months so we'd have a good emergency blood supply.
Some kind of lousy god you turned out to be.
December 3rd, 2008  
It's mostly basic I'm concerned with.

I know in regular service I can just take anti-anxiety medication before hand.
December 3rd, 2008  

Topic: wrong place dude

Wow pal. yeah dude this wont be a very good career decision for you man. 1st there is no way they'll allow you to inject yourself, and since you arent gonna be able to take any of your own medicine before hand (as you already know) your kinda boned there. You walk through a line and get shot up about 4 times in each arm, not to mention the PB shot you receive in your ass. Maybe that pill will work out for you man, but i seriously doubt it. Most of the shots arent taking blood though, its mostly just injecting you with different chems and stuff. only really remember giving blood once in basic and once at meps. but thats as far as i got dude. not a clue how much blood you'll be giving once your in the real military.

GOoD LuCk to ya man.
December 3rd, 2008  
Run... run like the devil himself is on your tail.

You'll see more needles than if you worked in the embroidery industry.