U.S. Zeroing In on Bin-Laden - Page 2

March 14th, 2004  
Ahhhh... your opinion of him would go down only IF YOU KNEW that Dubya was keeping him locked up in an aircraft carrier. If you DIDN'T know, and they "find" him in Pakistan or Afghanistan (To make it at least look like we haven't been wasting our time...) then of course, your opinion wouldn't decline, would it?

Either way, Dubya's got my vote.
March 14th, 2004  
If they actually did find Bin Laden and weren't just holding on to him to flash around to get Bush reelected then i wouldn't mind, but its dirty politics to sit on Bin Laden just for the sake of flashing him like a trophy to get Bush rehired. Bush is above playing dirty so I hope he doesn't stoop to it.