U.S. soldier killed by roadside bomb outside Baghdad

September 20th, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: U.S. soldier killed by roadside bomb outside Baghdad

Media: The Associated Press
Byline: n/a
Date: 20 September 2006

BAGHDAD, Iraq_A U.S. soldier was killed by a roadside bomb blast northeast
of Baghdad, the U.S. military command said Wednesday.

The soldier died on Tuesday afternoon after the vehicle he was traveling in
was hit by the bomb, the command said in a statement. The soldier's name was
not released while military officials contact his family.

On Tuesday, the U.S. military announced the deaths of four soldiers in Iraq.
One was killed Tuesday by a suicide car bombing which also wounded another
two soldiers. Another two soldiers were killed Sunday, one by small arms
fire and the other by a roadside bomb in Baghdad. A fourth soldier, assigned
to a medical task force, died Monday of non-combat related injuries in the

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