U.S. Marines in West Africa, 1990 2003

October 13th, 2011  

Topic: U.S. Marines in West Africa, 1990 2003

October 29th, 2011  
A buddy of mine is a registered guide, he took a party of tourists into the interior of Botswana. They were travelling down a rutted track when they saw a sign, “RESTRICTED AREA KEEP OUT”. To cut a long story short, he was stopped by a fully kitted out US soldier who told him to turn around as this is a restricted area.

I mentioned this to the chap I know who is an ex 32 Battalion Captain who confirmed the story, he also mentioned just before the 1994 elections in South Africa that he was warned by a buddy of his in the US military, that 32 Battalion had better not cause problems during the elections as there was a US team in Botswana ready to jump in.

I know for a fact that there are a number of British troops in Botswana, supposedly training with the Botswana military, I have also heard of rumours of a huge American/British airbase inside a restricted area of Botswana (as mentioned above) from various sources. I have seen British troops and Land Rovers when I was in northern Botswana near the Zambezi a few years ago . I have also heard rumours of SAS patrolling the border with Zimbabwe. As I haven't seen any evidence of the airbase or the SAS with my own eyes, I cannot confirm or deny.

There is some evidence, but how reliable I cannot say.



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