U.S. advisers may take forward positions in Iraq fighting

September 17th, 2014  
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Topic: U.S. advisers may take forward positions in Iraq fighting

By Jeff Mason MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE Fla. (Reuters) - Some U.S. military advisers could end up in front-line positions in the fight against Islamic State militants, the White House said on Wednesday, although President Barack Obama vowed that America would not fight another ground war in Iraq. The House of Representatives gave a green light to a key plank of Obama's strategy against Islamic State, approving authorization for the Pentagon to train and arm moderate Syrian rebels to fight the radical Islamist militants. The legislation now goes to the Senate. ...

September 18th, 2014  
Someone on the ground has to control Air Strikes on mobile targets , that would mean Americans on the ground . I'm not for it nor are the majority of Americans , enough already .

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