Two army's, one for parades and one for fighting

February 28th, 2003  

Topic: Two army's, one for parades and one for fighting

Where can I find this quote?
March 26th, 2003  
I think this is what your looking for:

Have you noticed that throughout military history no regular army has ever beaten a well-led guerrilla army? If we use the regular army in Algeria, we will lose. I'd like France to have two armies: one for parades with handsome fieldpieces, polished tanks, little tin soldiers, bands, general staffs, and lovable old curmudgeons to command it... the other would be for real, composed of nothing but young men super-trained, all volunteers, wearing camouflaged fatigues, whom you'd never see in town but from whom the impossible would be asked and to whom we would teach all the tricks. That's the army I'd like to fight in.
It's a passage from Jean Larteguy’s classic "The Centurions" , which chronicle the French Paratroops and their fight against the communists in Indochina and Algeria.