Turkey's TAI Wins Airbus Contract

December 12th, 2008  

Topic: Turkey's TAI Wins Airbus Contract

Turkey's TAI Wins Airbus Contract

Published: 10 Dec 10:44 EST (15:44 GMT)

ANKARA - Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has won a major contract to supply parts for Airbus' future long-range, extra wide-body passenger aircraft, the A350XWB.
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TAI officials said the company expects an initial $500 million in revenue from the design, production and sale of the aileron for the new A350. They said the contract could go up to $1.5 billion in the near future. First deliveries of the A350 are scheduled for 2013.
The contract was signed Dec. 4 here, where TAI is based, at a high-level ceremony attended by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, French Transport Minister Dominique Buessereau and German State Minister Guenter Gloser.
Airbus CEO Tom Enders told reporters that TAI had competed with major manufacturers and won the contract with its "best proposal."
TAI in the 1990s assembled F-16s under license from Lockheed Martin. It also assembled Cougar utility helicopters and CN-235 transport aircraft. The company also is Turkey's designated prime local contractor for multinational programs, including the Joint Strike Fighter and the Future Large Aircraft. TAI is owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation

December 13th, 2008  
A great deal for both Airbus and TAI.
TAI has many years of experience manufacturing highly sophisticated combat oriented and civilian aircraft, related parts, as well as engineering and R&D. They meet and exceed the highest quality civil aviation and NATO standards, and in part thanks to the relatively cheaper educated workforce in Turkey, roll out world-class products at a much lower per unit price.


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