June 9th, 2004  
Susan Cooper


We are NOT a manufacture or distribution company. We are just a Mom and Dad
who have two son's in the military. One is in Germany and the other in Iraq. Our
youngest in Iraq, who is now 24, entered a university when he was only 15.
At 18, upon graduation, he was commissioned an officer. When he became 22
he was promoted to Captain. Our oldest in Germany joined the service at 19.
He is married with 4 children. They both have a love for our country and we
of course, are proud of them for their commitment in serving our Nation.
We are full time RVer's and are rasing our 5 year old grandson. He too is
proud of his uncles and understands they are part of America's best.
We have talked to many people across America who have loved ones serving in
the military. Thinking about our boys made us realize how many other moms,
dads, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, spouses and friends must be feeling
when they hear controversy about America's fight and the efforts our troops
are contributing in keeping us free from further harm and aggression in our
homeland. As we do, they to have loved one's committed to an honorable and
difficult challenge.
Putting our emotions together along with thousands of other Parents of the Military,
we created a New Lapel Pin Titled (A PROUD RELATIONSHIP WITH THE
U.S. ARMED FORCES). This was NOT done for capital gain. It was designed and
produced from our hearts. At this time 100% of all income from our new lapel pin is
re-invested in re-ordering more pins for more Military Parents and Family Members of
those serving.
This pin was designed to represent all military branches. It does not
distinguish whether or not it is for active duty or for our past heroes or
whether you believe war is right or wrong. It takes all of the armed forces
working together as a team to be strong. One can not do it alone. By
displaying the "Proud Relationship with the U.S. Armed Forces" lapel pin,
you will become a strong team member in the show of support for our service men and
women. They are after all, the true symbol of America's Freedom, and they
are our heroes. you are welcome to view your new Patriotic Lapel Pin at . We are absolutely overwhelmed of the response that has been coming in over the last few weeks.
It has given us the understanding that what we have created is a new heartbeat
for thousands of Military families and friends.
Thank you,
Susan Cooper, Military Mom (865) 436-8343
Po. box 327
Gatlinburg, Tn. 37738