trying to find the rest of this cadence

May 21st, 2005  

Topic: trying to find the rest of this cadence

drop some bombs to kill some people,
dropped them in the city square,
dropped some bombs to kill some people
dropped them in the city square,

cause napalmmm, it stick to kids,
gooey on the inside crunchy on the outside,

i dont know the rest of it though ...
May 23rd, 2005  
Burn the village
kill the people
Drop Napalm in the sqaure.

Kill them on a Sunday Morning.
While their on their way to prayer.

Aim your missiles at the School house.
Watch the teacher Ring the bell.
Look at all the smiling faces.
As you blow them all to hell.

Throw some candy in the school yard.
watch the kiddies gather round.
Then we bring our M60'S UP.
Mow the little kiddies down.
May 23rd, 2005  
What a "cute" little song..
May 23rd, 2005  
I agree with Redleg. That is very cute
May 23rd, 2005  
Originally Posted by Redleg
What a "cute" little song..

Yeah. It was banned by more than a few Commands at Camp Pendelton in the mid 80's. When things weren't nearly so PC as they are now. So I would assume it's in the Jody Graveyard now.

The only ones I knew that actually were allowed to call it were in the " Outer Camps" 1st, 5th, 7th and 11th Marines (Although 11th banned it because of compliants from the FSSG Ordanance people there) I think 1st Recon lost it when they moved from Talaga down with the civilized Marines in Los Flores

Edited because I had 7th Marines on the brain. 1st Recon moved to Los Flores
May 24th, 2005  
Oooorah, its an awesome cadence thanks, been looking for it for a while
May 24th, 2005  
There's on that gets some looks....

"I went to McDonalds
Where all the kids play
Pulled out my oozie
And I began to spray....."

There are many verses.
May 24th, 2005  
rotc boy
its spelled uzi...

and those are some nice pleasent cadences....
May 25th, 2005  
Since we're discussing psuedo-twisted cadance. Here's another one for you.

Sung to the tune of "Jesus loves the little Children."

Napalm sticks to little children.
All the the little children of the World.

Red and yellow
Black and white
Look the same when they ignite.

Napalm sticks to little children of the world.
May 25th, 2005  
ROFL, that one is great 03