Troops Uncover Uniform Stash - Page 2

February 8th, 2007  
As a kid in Colorado Springs we could also get ordnance from the soldiers at Fort Carson. I threw my first live WP grenade when I was 16.
Holy crap

Hey bulldogg, remenber when we found that crate in the field full of m16's and grenades? Just stashed in a ditch in a field.
February 8th, 2007  
A Can of Man
Stuff that civilians don't know...
February 8th, 2007  
The article mentions the "chocolate chip" type camoflage as being found in that warehouse.

When I went to Viet Nam over the summer, I checked out some military surplus places (for unique Communist souvenirs) and they had piles upon piles upon piles of the "chocolate chip" and "three color" desert patterns.

My guess is that US retailers started liquidating their stocks as the US military shifted away from the old BDU patterns. As a result, the international markets are just swamped with them.
February 8th, 2007  
Yeah, the kids and the cops in Colorado Springs knew but our parents were clueless. We had a copy of the anarchist's cookbook and thankfully it was before the days of Columbine, Timothy McVeigh and 9/11 or we might have gotten in trouble for the stuff we did out in some of the nearby farmer's fields.

The most noise came when a kid from my school turned himself into a crater with the mortar round some E-3 from Ft. Carson had given him in lieu of his bill for the newspapers of the previous month. Stupid kid carried it with him like a good luck charm, hit some ice, fell down... BOOM.

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