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Traveling abroad.
March 31st, 2015  
Traveling abroad.
Castle and ruins speak for themselves but people are pretty much the same everywhere with the same issues in their daily life trying to make ends meet .
March 31st, 2015  
Not sure I agree, while peoples aspirations are the same the world over (mainly to make it through the day, put food on the table etc.) peoples priorities vary from country to country.

Germany's views on the world are different to Australians which are different to Americans which are different to New Zealanders etc. etc. so the more you travel the more you are exposed to those views and the more balanced yours become as a result.
April 10th, 2015  
Originally Posted by Kesse81
Most Europeans that I know has traveled widely in the World and by that I mean outside Europe.
But most Americans I have had contact with have never been outside the US - why ?, Is it too expensive to travel outside of the US or is it because of the distance to the other countries?

Most people I talk to about traveling abroad refer to both the distance and the expense of traveling as reasons why they prefer to do their traveling domestically.
But, many also don't see any need to go overseas when there is so much to see here in the States. My younger brother is a prime example. He is retired and his wife inherited a boatload of money so neither excuse applies to them. They're just content doing their Florida and Hawaii vacations every year. They went to Mexico one time and now consider themselves well-traveled.
Fortunately, my wife and I are exceptions to the rule. We are currently planning our 8th trip to Europe. But, even we have to ration the big trips out. Airfare can be a budget-killer.
Traveling abroad.

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