Tradition of the RMC chin strap

February 26th, 2005  

Topic: Tradition of the RMC chin strap

The buckle on the Australian slouch hat chin strap is normally worn on the left hand side, but soldiers at RMC (Royal Military College Duntroon) wear it on the right hand side. Why? Because a Duntroon major was shot at Galipolli, with his hat on backwards, thus making the buckle the wrong way around. As a dedication to him, all other RMC officers started to wear the hat the right way, but the buckle on the wrong side. The tradition has remained, and causes much confusion for soldiers unaware of it.
February 26th, 2005  
A Can of Man
picture doesn't work but that's a nice story!
August 1st, 2005  
Aussienick....I was always lead to understand that the hat was folded up on that side because that was the side they carried the rifles at the slope. If it folded on the other side then they would knock there hats askew every time they shouldered arms.
September 29th, 2005  
no no no ...he meant the chin strap buckle... not the actual hat itself. You are right about the reason for the hat, but the story above relates to the chin strap.

REDLEG - we need a slouch hat smiley/icon please mate
July 30th, 2006  
Well, learn something new about the different RMC's everyday.
August 9th, 2006  

There you go. A working picture.
October 15th, 2008  

Topic: Slouch hat

I managed to get hold of a genuine Aussie slouch hat, I wear it as my bush hat. Brilliant bit of kit.
October 16th, 2008  
Team Infidel
right on....
October 16th, 2008  
Good story!