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View Poll Results :Who do you think is the most evil totalitarian leader?
Edi Amin 0 0%
Ceausescu 0 0%
Pinochet 0 0%
Fidel Castro 0 0%
Slobadon Milosovic 0 0%
Kim Jong Ill 0 0%
Mao Zedong 1 6.25%
Saddam Hussein 0 0%
Adolf Hitler 6 37.50%
Joseph Stalin 7 43.75%
Pol Pot 2 12.50%
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Totalitarian Leaders
February 24th, 2004  
Totalitarian Leaders
Let's see Sherman and rendersafe are arguing whether the armenian genocide, holocaust, or the irish thing was the worst example of genocide.
No where have I said one is worse than the other. In fact, my entire premise is none are worse, all are equally horrible.
February 24th, 2004  

Topic: Yes

RenderSafe is on the spot.l Evil is not measurabke.
July 6th, 2006  
Originally Posted by SHERMAN
No, Its not less evil. Sorry if you got that impression, everyone. But while the Turks only saw the Armenian population as a threat inside the Turk area of their Empire, Hitler wanted to destroy all the Jews in the world. The Turks wanted the Armenians out of Turky because they thought that the Christian Armnians would aid the Christian Russians in WWI.

And also we didnt want to kill em we only sent them away from our land... We sent em Syria and on the way there al lot of Armenian died...
Totalitarian Leaders
July 8th, 2006  
No Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran in the list?
July 11th, 2006  
I voted Pol Pot.

All the others had some kind of state philosophy and had some plan they wanted to execute. But Pol Pot had some twisted view on communism and started to kill all the people who usually help build a country. Everybody with some kind of education was systematically killed.
After that people were just randomly killed and his crew almost killed half of the entire population and managed to get Cambodia back into the middle ages. This is truly quite a feat!