Time critical targets

September 1st, 2004  

Topic: Time critical targets

What was the U.S. Air Forces success rate with time critical targets[TCT's] in the Gulf wars?

Iv'e always thought that numerous transporter erector launcher's [TEL's] [Scud, Silkworms] were found and destroyed from the air, originally it was claimed that the number was 300, the official number was cut to 120 in the first Gulf war.

Now I read an article in a prominent British Air Force Magazine, from a book by Dr. Michael Russell, Professor of security studies at James Madison Collage, Mitchigan state university and James M Hassick, An aerospace consultant from Atlanta, that not a single TEL was found and destroyed from the air.

They also say that destroying such targets have been the Air Forces achilles heel since the first Iraqi war, and that no TEL's have ever been destroyed.

THe 10 plus minutes it takes for aircraft to follow up a sighting gives the TEL's time to shoot and scoot.
Thats why China and other countries are putting most of their systems on TEL's.

They say the answer will probably be Preditor type UCAV's, spotting and then killing the target itself.

But they also say that decoys and camoflauge could still course problems.