Tiger Deck Landing: Eurocopter and DGA extend the Flight Envelop

June 27th, 2007  

Topic: Tiger Deck Landing: Eurocopter and DGA extend the Flight Envelop

Tiger Deck Landing: Eurocopter and DGA extend the Flight Envelop

Le Bourget, PARIS AIRSHOW 2007, 21 June 2007

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From 21 May to 7 June 2007, under the supervision of Eurocopter and the French General Delegation for Armaments (DGA), a Tiger helicopter took part in navalization trials on two French Navy vessels, the Amphibious Landing Dock (ALD) Siroco. and the Lafayette-type frigate Guépratte.

The capability of the Tiger to operate on a ship was put to the test in extremely severe weather conditions, with 6-meter swells, winds close to 100 km/h, and deck angles up to 12 degrees. The aim of the sea trials was to evaluate deck landing capability and to define the operations for helicopter tie-down after landing, blade folding, and handling on the deck, hangar and well deck of the ALD. In the 13 days at sea, the Tiger accomplished 300 deck landings and 80 logistic operations, confirming its outstanding suitability for ship-based operations.

The trials were part of the standard 1 qualification of the HAP Tiger to determine its capability to operate from French Navy ships. The navalization trials were a major challenge for the French Army and an important milestone in the program schedule. From late 2008 on, the Tiger must be able to operate from deployment & command ships, aircraft carriers and ALDs. The evolution in the helicopter's definition covers the folding of 2 and 4 blades, engine rinsing, modifying the hydraulic pressure system, as well as the tools and equipment necessary for the Tiger operation.

Australia and Spain expressed a keen interest in the trials. Australian Ministry of Defence representatives were on board during the tests and Australia should perform similar trials. The deliveries of the 22 helicopters ordered by Australia in 2001 began in late 2004. The Tiger program supplies the French, German and Spanish armies with a new generation combat helicopter. Highly maneuverable and very mobile, the multi-role Tiger can perform day and night attack missions against armored vehicles, other helicopters and infrastructures on the ground. Designed for on-the-battlefield maintenance, the Tiger can operate outside the reach of major infrastructures.

Eurocopter is the prime industrial contractor, and OCCAR manages the French, German and Spanish program on behalf of these three nations.

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