Thinking of joining JTF2, or Hellenic Special Forces.

November 29th, 2009  

Topic: Thinking of joining JTF2, or Hellenic Special Forces.

Ok, im 22 years old and ive been wanting to join the army since i was 18 but school and other things have been getting in the way.

I have 2 more years of school left... ( yes things can change down the line ), but since I still have the drive to join from when I was 18, two more years probably wont make much of a difference in my decision.

Anyways, My nationality is Greek, but I was born in Canada and have lived here ever since. I know how to speak and write in Greek quite well. ( Enough to get me comfortably around.

I have trained in Shotokahn Karate for 5 years and have received my black belt. ( I believe this shows maturity, dedication and strength ), since then I stopped karate and moved on and tried various other arts, such as brazillian jujitsu, Systema ( russian martial art ) and boxing. Though i have not stayed and proficiently trained in those 3 mentioned arts, Ive had a taste.
I go to the gym 3 times a week and weight lift.
I believe im in pretty good shape. Though I can always be better.

My main dilema now, is were to join and what can I expect.
I want to join the Canadian army but if i do I want to try and get into some kind of special forces unit. Is this possible? Or do I need a certain amount battle experience before I can join special forces (JTF2) ? The thing is , im not too keen on being shipped out to Afghanistan, I know i shouldnt say this, but I am a bit scared of going there... With all the casualties im seeing from IED's...

Secondly, I'm considering joining my native countrys army aswell. My father had served in the armed forces in Greece as an infantry "commander" ( not to sure how the ranks translate from greek to english ). He doesnt give much advice to me, mainly because he says, if your gonna do , go do it no questions asked. Plus that was long ago for him and he doesnt know the rules and regulations now that apply for foreigners.

If I do joing the Greek Army, I want to apply for special forces aswell, I know I can apply for it right away ( well after training ) and see if i make the cut. But does anyone know whats involved?

what the training is like?
what the lifestyle is like?
who makes it, and who doesnt ?

I guess what im trying to say here is, how do I make myself worthy enough to pass selection and be part of the SF ?
December 2nd, 2009  
WOW, NO RESPONSES?? ( ITs been 3 days, )
Common folks, its not that hard to give a fellow some advice !
December 2nd, 2009  
No military forum likes SF/SOF wannabes.
December 2nd, 2009  
That maybe or maybe they have no clue how to answer a guy who say's that he is somewhat scared to go to Afghanistan, but contends he wants to be an Elite? WTF Kid?
Do you think all SF soldiers are born with the patch? U.S.S.F. usually serve as a grunt first, Ranger, Special Ops and then Delta if their that good. This is of course a general overview.
Plus kid, your dedication to the arts is noteworthy, but we are not making these missions super-ninja like CQC situations, maybe when we implicate nano-tech, invisible cloaking stalk methods your great kung-fu will become useful. This is a good ole' fashion let us stand there and get ***** slapped with the whole geneva convention ties our Forces hands behind our back..Go to the Army, serve your time, the more fights you survive the faster you'll climb through the ranks and show your commanders you're the type of operative with resilience and resolve to get the job done.. And remember THEY WERE ALL WANNABEES AT ONE TIME, they just followed through.
December 2nd, 2009  
Originally Posted by Pliskin
The thing is , im not too keen on being shipped out to Afghanistan, I know i shouldnt say this, but I am a bit scared of going there... With all the casualties im seeing from IED's...

He doesnt give much advice to me, mainly because he says, if your gonna do , go do it no questions asked. Plus that was long ago for him and he doesnt know the rules and regulations now that apply for foreigners.
Should you join a SOF unit chances are good you are getting deployed to The Stan or another conflict.
Nature of the beast kid.
You join up to fight, esp in that type of unit.

Your dad gave you the best advice around.
Stop talking, do or donīt.

December 6th, 2009  
lol, needed a slap to put me in order!
November 5th, 2010  
Better late than never to contribute to this discussion. I was also born and grew up in Canada and chose to serve in the Greek Army at age 24. I was selected for Special Forces and served about two years. The best of my life. If I was born again I would do it one more time.These years the Greek SF are inducting more "career"soldiers as opposed to conscripts as I was so you should check out this possibility with the Greek consulate. Secondly, don't count on your balck belt in shotokan to help much, it is benficial to you only, I got mine when I was 18, I am 49 now. If you want to serve in the Greek SF here is what you do. Join the Greek army as a recruit (anepilectos) and they will put you in the infantry. Volunteer for SF and then during basic training you will get a chance to undergo testing, medical, psychological etc. Your chances of getting selected will be helped if you can do 7o perfect push-ups in succession, 50 sit-ups and 20 chin-ups (palms outward not facing you). In addition, you should be able to run a mile in running shoes in anything under 6 minutes and just over with combat boots. If you cannot complete even one of these tasks then forget it, and this is only the beginning. If you are selected then expect to train on Mount Olympus in the winter and freeze your butt off, on a deserted island in the summer and almost die of thirst and train in infantry as well as unconvential warefare tactics. One thing for sure I guarantee that if you do this, you can consider yourself an expert in guerilla and counter-guerilla warfare. Greeks may not have the power of the media to show it off but all NATO armies concede that Greek Special Forces are just about the best. Since 1952 they have always come out on top in NATO competitions. Furthermore, they have one of the oldest special forces units having served as the sacred squadron in WWII along with the then newly-formed British SAS.
One final note, you mention your command of the Greek language is good. Be prepared for a culture shock to be experienced with other Greeks your age. They do not have your Canadian thought process. Always assume the worst in their character unless they prove otherwise, they are guilty until proven innocent. If you get offered non-com training take it. In the end, the career officers will respect you as they did me since you volunteered to serve Greece. As for Afghanistan, the Greek Army is there now but you probably wouldn't go, however, for you to go through Greek SF training would eradicate your reluctance to go there, guaranteed. If they send you, my friend, you will fight!
November 10th, 2012  

Topic: JTF2 !!!please help!!!

okay so i wanna be in the JTF2 and i am not some chicken **** person who plays cod all day and says i wanna be a real special forces. My dream is to be a commando because i want to serve my country in more ways then just basic infantry i want to go straight to the problem and resolve it. i have been working out and using the pre buds workout on the navy seals website if anybody can offer any assistance it would be thanked. also you can hate on me if you want i don't really care. also i am only 15.
November 10th, 2012  
Kiddo, where's the hate coming from? Where's all the animosity coming from? Those have already given you advice... get out of high school, re-weigh-up your options, LISTEN to those closest to you, those who know you best.

If you're still interested in a Canadian Armed Forces career, then go to a recruiting office and see what they have to offer you. Special Forces are just that, "Special". Therefore, you need several years of experience within a military unit just to be able to apply.

Then there comes the grueling selection process, which, I promise you, from what I have seen and read, it will be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life. Unfortunately, you, like I was a couple of years ago - looked into Special Forces and thought, "Wow, that's awesome! I wanna do that!"

And maybe down the line you will, but get a taste of military life before you begin spouting off about how you want to join CANSOFCOM. Join the Army cadets in your region - or really, any cadet force, this will give you a basic platform and understanding of military life.

It's something that I didn't do, and am now regretting it. You clearly are pissed off that people aren't taking you seriously, but, what do you expect? Most of the people on this forum have and/or are currently serving soldiers, sailors and airmen.

Straight to the problem and resolve it, you say? Well, your first problem is the attitude you have given others on this forum. Calm down. Chill out. Take a pill. And for Christ Sake, give this decision to join the military plenty of thought.

You are only fifteen, and yet you think that your old man's advice is not the best? "It was a long time ago for him." Meaning that he has been there and done that, and worn the t-shirt. He's got your best interests at heart. Listen to him, learn from him.

Oh and one more thing, please, for the love of God, fix your writing. You wouldn't pass the literacy standards for the CF with the standards that you've displayed here. My apologies, just the word Nazi in me coming out!

Anyway, join your local cadet force, get a good feel for what it means to be in some kind of military capacity. It might also teach you respect, leadership, and give you a taste of what its really like. Then, when you're of age, and ABSOLUTELY sure that this is what you want to do - get down that recruiting office, and ask them about careers within the CF. DO NOT MENTION SPECIAL FORCES AT ALL. They will immediately throw your application in the shredder.

Good luck. Heed this advice that we've offered. Don't take offence to it, it's nothing personal, we're just trying to help you out.


November 19th, 2012  

Topic: thanks

i know i needed to clm down i just got so mad about everybody telling me what i can and can't do. thanks for the advice.

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