Thinking about joining the Air Force - Page 4

June 24th, 2004  
The majority of Navy aviation slots are for rotary wing aircraft. That means if you want to fly fixed-wing aircraft then the Air Force is still your best bet.

Theres also different schools of thought on what you should do. They all include going to college. If you are very academically successful, I would suggest applying to the Air Force Academy. Otherwise, or if for some reason you do not wish to join the academy I suggest you enroll in AFROTC.

The percentage of people in flight training that arrived there through OTS is about 4 in every 30 while the rest is usually divided between ROTC and the Air Force Academy.

Theres some debate on whether prior flight experience helps or hurts you. I am of the mind that it helps you, provided that you are cut out to be a military aviator in the first place. It is not difficult to get a private pilot's certificate, so therefore you see some people going into training with so many hours of flight time yadda yadda. Usually about half of those with flight time can't hack it, while the other half do very well. (I am pulling these statistics from what amounts as to my rectum). Prior flight exp helps you in the sense that it gets you ready, but if you just can't think easily faster than 120 kts then it may prove to be a hinderance as you feel you come into training with an advantage when it truly is a defect.

Good luck.